Donald Trump reconsiders the electoral college


The Electoral College is like oral sex, it’s great when it works in your favor, not so great when you’ve been at it for thirty minutes and you feel like your lower jaw is about to fall off.

Much like everything else, there was a time when Trump held a completely different view:


Yes! I agree Mr. Trump, the Electoral College is a sham and a travesty, perhaps there should be a revolution, you did indeed lose the popular vote and this system should absolutely be re-evaluated.

Of course, it should be noted that between the time he posted those tweets and his running for office he might have experienced brain damage when someone attempted to kill him using a life-size gold-plated Pelican.

Come on, it’s not entirely implausible, Melania often looks as though she’s being held hostage.


  1. finalPOTUS

    I hate him so much. I hate his supporters so much. They’re liars, hypocrites, psychopaths. I know I’m supposed to feel bad for people who are mentally and intellectually challenged, but I can’t feel that when it’s willful. They might have destroyed out great nation by electing this lunatic.

  2. ExGOP

    The system is wrong, outdated.
    The man is a hypocrite. It’s so sad to see my former party sink to this appalling level. I have long believed that the GOP could evolve and encouraged that for several years, but now, seeing them supporting someone who can only be described as a demagogue, it marks the end of our party.
    I voted for Hillary. I didn’t do it because I like her or believe that she’s the best possible candidate, but I know that Trump is not only terrible for our nation, he’s a danger to the world.
    I very much doubt I will ever support another GOP candidate again, I cannot support a party promoting such hate and ignorance.

  3. 97Darla

    I think we all need to reconsider the EC.
    It was their duty to serve the country, and they instead served their party even when the result would mean the election of a man who is incapable.
    Their one job was to safeguard the American people from a potential despot, and they failed.
    They’re traitors to their country and they chose their party over what is best for the people.
    Every one of them who supported this man is disgusting and they don’t have the right to call themselves American.


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