Leading Republican Eliot A. Cohen offers some scary insight into the Trump transition

Eliot A. Cohen served as Counselor to the United States Department of State under Secretary Condoleezza Rice from 2007 to 2009.

His initial position was as follows:

I am a national security Never-Trumper who, after the election, made the case that young conservatives should volunteer to serve in the new administration, warily, their undated letters of resignation ready. That advice, I have concluded, was wrong.

He’s seemingly changed his opinion after opening Pandora’s box and seeing the mess inside:


Mr. Cohen is one of the growing number of Republicans who are now placing their heads in their hands while muttering “What were you thinking?”

We know the feeling Eliot. I have an inkling that in the first half of 2017 many of those who voted for Trump will be experiencing the same.

If I lived in Washington DC right now I would have read that tweet and immediately started a company providing delivery of anti-depressants and alcohol 24/7.

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