Trump brand removed from building in first sign of business backlash

Before President Trump has even taken up residence in the White House, residents of one of his own branded apartment buildings have taken the initiative to improve their own reputation.

The formerly named Trump Place in New York’s Upper West Side will henceforth be known as Riverside Boulevard instead.

The building, operated by landlords Equity Residential, is not owned by the Trump Organization. Like much of Trumps business, the name is merely used as a status symbol, one that is increasingly being devalued around the world.

Residents of the building had become increasingly disturbed by the rhetoric of the Trump campaign during the past year, with many expressing disgust and embarrassment at living in a property brandishing his name.

Before property values crash through their polished wood floors, residents of the building gathered more than 600 signatures and pushed to have any mention of Trump removed from the building.

We’re now wondering what they might do with those gaudy fake gold letters they’ve just taken down.

As long as they keep those spare letters away from the White House and Trumps tiny little hands they will be doing the world a favor. We’re all dreading the unveiling of his branding across that building in January, right?

Let’s not make that prospect easier for him.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend keeping those letters and taking up valuable space in the building’s basement, they’ll probably need that for their nuclear fallout shelter in six months.

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