Trump congratulates himself for a fictional achievement

In a week where we’ve seen people attempting to fascistsplain that Steve Bannon isn’t a neo-Nazi (despite a long and profitable career peddling bs to his neo-Nazi following), and watched as any mention of a degree vanished from Melania Trump’s website (I’m sure she has a degree, it’s probably a photocopy of one of Michelle Obama’s), we’re treated to another piece of glorious reality-bending from Trump himself:

Astute observers of the election will remember that there were various claims about companies planning to move business out of the U.S. and that Trump, if elected, would make sure it doesn’t happen.

Although, it has to be said, you could be forgiven if none of these incidents (lies) encroached on your radar screen given that absolutely no journalist out there bothered to hold him to account for his statements in any real sense, aside from perhaps (surprisingly) Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly.

I suppose this isn’t so surprising given that in almost every Police shooting of a black American of the last two years the media has been more interested in the character assassination of the victim than asking any questions about the use of force, the history of the officer or the atrocious failings of so-called investigators.

On a scale of “pants on fire”, the suggestion that Ford was planning to move their operations out of Kentucky to Mexico was positively crotch-scorching.

You could almost smell the burning pubes.

That didn’t stop his supporters from cheering him on, though.

Much like 9/10 “news” posts on Facebook or Twitter during this election season, his claim that any Ford plant was planning to move anywhere was entirely a work of fiction.

But Ford has repeatedly said it has no plans to close any U.S. plants and likely could not do so under the terms of the current United Auto Workers contract that expires in 2019.

Source: Ford tells Trump no Lincoln SUV production going to Mexico

Even when confronted with the truth, actual reality, Trump supporters become babbling cult members, repetitious automatons, brainless deniers of reality:


It seems as though Trump is aiming for a Kim Jong-un level of lying, but perhaps someone familiar with fascist propaganda could advise him that this blanket fictionalization of reality for self-aggrandizement really only works in a closed society like North Korea, with no free press and few very tightly controlled connections to the outside world.

Then again, it seems to be working on his cult followers who now claim that any reporting not cheering in unison about the fictional achievements of their Fuhrer is “propaganda”.

Remember when Trump claimed he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support? It’s not because his supporters are loyal, it’s because these people are absolutely, 100%, batsh*t crazy.

In light of his “achievement” I promise that if you comment on this post I will stop the Alien invasion from occurring this weekend. Really, I have that power and it really is happening. BELIEVE ME!

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