Trump goes into another Twitter meltdown, so much nonsense, so little time!

When I started this blog I thought it would be a great way to report on the occasional lunatic rantings from the most powerful man in the world. I really had no idea that this could become a full-time job.

I’m slacking, I know.

Over the last couple of days Trump has gone into full Twitter meltdown. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damn terrifying.

Butt holes are well and truly clenched.

But, in an effort to be a little less mess-my-pants-and-prepare-to-dig-a-fallout-shelter, let’s have a little review of the Tweets I’ve missed out on over the last few days and see if we can do something with them, shall we?


First of all, a landslide is an overwhelming victory. Considering Trump didn’t win the popular vote the fact that he got more of the Electoral College is not a “landslide”.

The only time this word should be used in relation to Trump is in the context of describing his presidency:

“It is not unreasonable to expect that the coming Trump presidency will resemble the catastrophic disaster of a landslide of raw sewage drowning the entirety of North America.”


The media is not reporting on that for the same reason they’re not reporting on the price of bacon in Mordor.

Here’s the deal Trumpkins, the news media report on things that are happening, have happened or will happen. The news media don’t report on the political wank-fodder of delusional politicians who should probably be confined to padded rooms for their own safety.

It’s good to see that a massive breach of national security, sending classified information by unsecured email to his mistress, and then lying about it under oath, is not getting in the way of Trump being “impressed”.

I can only assume that he’s impressed with the way Petraeus got away with it while Republicans attempted to destroy Hillary just for having a private email server (something numerous other Republicans have also done).




I spent a while trying to work this one out before finally giving up. Here’s a tip kids, when something baffles you to the point where your eyes are twitching, stop.

It’s kind of like knowing when to stop pushing the Q-tip.

Finally I’m going to finish this post on this moronic Tweet from the PEOTUS:

trump-claims-voter-fraud-againAnd then I’ll link to this story about a Trump supporter committing voter fraud.

Terri Lynn Rote voted twice for Trump, claiming that the system is "rigged".
Terri Lynn Rote voted twice for Trump, claiming that the system is “rigged”.





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