Why we all need to #ResistFromDay1

You know, I had dreams about making this blog light, keeping it funny, but the reality is often about as funny as a kitten in a microwave oven. Meh, I’ll keep trying.

How many times do we need to hear someone say “let’s wait and see” before people stop waiting, and start acting?

Within minutes of the pussy-grabbing POTUS being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, several sections of the White House website were eradicated.

These included all reference to Civil Rights, all mentions of LGBT rights, all literature on Climate Change and, of course, all information about healthcare. It is the pet project of the forever-acting-against-the-interests-of-the-public Republican party, after all.

Yes, the same party which brought you absolute obstruction of any sensible gun control law even when more than 85% of the public support it, and the party that recently attempted to make it entirely legal to take bribes, collude with corporations and pander to any interest benefitting them through the destruction of the House Ethics Committee, has always wanted to make sure that the 20 million Americans who now have healthcare can’t have it.

In the place of these now missing pages you can feast your eyes on the same ranting nonsense we’ve seen from the Orange Despot over the course of his campaign. Of course, most of it is entire rubbish. No sources, no links to support the wild claims being made about crime, about the support Police Officers supposedly don’t have, no mention of the millions of people now covered under the Affordable Care Act, nor any mention of the mountains of data supporting climate change science.

Instead, we enter into the start of Orwellian nightmare where the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth is fixated on “Law and Order” and “Military Strength”, while pandering to nationalist-protectionist notions which have consistently failed in the past.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should, especially if you possess even a mild understanding of European history.

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that within an hour of his inaugural speech German MP’s were expressing their concern over the subject matter and the tone of his words. They have every right to be worried, and we have every reason to pay attention to those with experience of characters very much like this rotund imbecile.

But you’re familiar with all the bullshit bloviating by now, surely.

While it’s true that when one President leaves and another takes office the content of digital platforms is archived and moved to make way for the incoming POTUS, it’s most certainly unusual for an incoming president to have someone sitting there ready to push a button, eradicating numerous pages pertaining to important issues relevant to millions of Americans.

Perhaps that’s what Putin’s fanboy was grinning about as he walked from that stage, fondling his new Secret Service phone in his pocket, just itching for the opportunity to make the call and threaten millions of Americans within minutes.

It’s not just that these pages were removed to make way for new information, it’s that these pages were removed altogether, seemingly within minutes, to be replaced by nothing other than the propaganda rants of a man-baby with psychological problems.

You would have thought, given the fear, the anger, the perceived threat this presidency brings to millions of people, that a rational and sane leader would have something prepared to reassure those citizens. You would think a diplomatic leader prepared for the job would, at the very least, have pages on hand to replace what was being removed, just to calm the situation if for no other reason.

But of course, we’re not dealing with a sane, rational, capable leader. We’ve entered the Twilight Zone, a place where your drunk, racist, boob-groping uncle who never read a book in his life and loves to preach from his 1960’s couch about how he “could fix everything” so easily if only he had the power, has been elected to the most powerful position in the world.

It’s interesting that while he was preaching “unity” during his immature tirade from his stage at the Inauguration, his staff were waiting to eradicate millions of Americans from THEIR OWN website.

Unity? The man wouldn’t know unity if it was pissing on him in a Moscow Ritz Hotel room.

Perhaps he means to encourage “unity” between the disgustingly hypocritical and spineless GOP and the Nazis holding all night parties in celebration of his election?

After a year of this salmon-toned sociopath standing on stage and hurling abuse, threats, issuing vague and sinister statements about these very issues and appointing some of the most odiously ignorant and hateful men to senior positions of government, he’s living up to every fear those millions of Americans had, and he’s doing it deliberately, maliciously.

Make no mistake, those responsible for removing these pages knew exactly what they were doing. Their motivation can only be to instill fear and uncertainty in the minds of millions of Americans.

What does this mean? It means that the attack on minorities in the US has already started. Regardless of what any mindless Trump supporter says, this is not merely a transition and his words were not merely campaign rhetoric.

The act of removing these pages entirely from the White House website is a deliberate action intended to scare Americans, millions of Americans.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Realize what has just happened here.

The new President of the United States and his government has just gone out of their way to deliberately scare, to deliberately threaten, millions of their own citizens.

And his supporters have the balls to claim that Obama was divisive?

The removal of these pages was not a coincidence, it was not an accident, it was not a meaningless momentary stage of a chaotic transition of power. They knew what this would say to millions of people, and the fact they did it anyway without offering any reassurance, is absolutely condemnable and should be taken for what it is; a threat, a sign of intent.

The resistance has already started. You need to join it.

Forget the carefully orchestrated and choreographed “protests” in DC yesterday, the one for which a permit was issued more than a year ago (it was organized prior to anyone winning the election and would have been the same regardless of who was being sworn in). The real resistance has been happening since the election and it’s picking up pace.

The real resistance isn’t lighting fires in the streets, it’s lighting fires under the fat, ignorant asses of every politician in the country who dares to attempt to eradicate Ethics from governance.

The real resistance isn’t throwing bricks through shop windows, it’s choosing to boycott any company or individual lending support to the enemy (I’m looking at you New Balance, The Rockettes, Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, RaviDrums, Jackie Evancho…)

The real resistance isn’t out there wearing a mask and pathetically swearing at armed men dressed head to toe in riot gear, it’s working within Police Departments to fight back against, expose, call to account those officers who believe they are Judge Dredd and now have a mandate under their new despot to abuse their power.

The real resistance isn’t wasting time arguing with paid Twitter accounts and alt-right virgins. It’s creating blogs, writing articles, editing videos, informing others, promoting the resistance far and wide.

Even if you’re just sharing posts like this one, you’re part of the resistance. Just getting this information in front of the eyes of people who might not take any action now will help. They’ll know about it when their rights are under attack, when it’s their son or daughter being harassed by thugs in the street because of their Olive skin or the way they dress, when it’s their kid listening to a teacher lecturing a class on how to obediently conform to the wishes of the Fuhrer, when it’s their employer treating them unfairly because of their gender, their sexuality, their religion or their race, when it’s their elected representative passing laws to give the Christian Taliban power over all others.

I’ll finish this by reminding you of the following:

The disgusting, odious, small-fingered POTUS  you now have doesn’t have the support required to lead the nation. He only got just over 1/4 of the vote. Hillary gained almost 3 million more votes. Yesterday his inauguration showed the lowest turnout for any new President in living memory.

It’s hard to make fictional Twitter accounts look like real people on the National Mall.

He is only the American President right now because of:

Apathy. Too many people didn’t vote.

Bernie supporters. Too many people, while rightly angry, made a poor choice and failed to vote for the one person who could guarantee their rights and freedoms, thereby handing victory to someone a thousand times worse. Sorry, you were stupid, it’s about time you took responsibility for your choice and own it. Stop trying to shift blame to the DNC. You voted, and you chose to lend support to a sociopath playing the system, rather than a sane and experienced woman whose party was playing the system. Yes, the system is fucked up, but that’s no excuse to do nothing to stop (or worse, support) an insane lunatic from gaining the power to change your nation for generations to come. Remember, you didn’t just help to elect a man who will “shake things up”, you elected an entire Republican government which now has the opportunity to shape the Supreme Court. Well done. Now it’s time to come together to fix the problem.

Powerful friends. There is no doubt at all that Putin assisted the bloviating bigot in this election. Even if you want to believe that the Russian state doesn’t have anything on him (which is a remarkably naive position to take) it’s irrational to think that a nation with a track record of meddling in the political affairs of other nations would simply do nothing given this easy opportunity. At the very least, there is overwhelming evidence that Putin (who supported Trump from the beginning, publicly and openly) orchestrated a massive campaign of psychological warfare on social media, and invested vast amounts of time and money in the production and dissemination of fake news to Americans who were already conditioned to believe the most unbelievable.

The US News media. They failed, miserably. A functioning news media is a vital component of democracy, but it’s only functioning when it’s serving the public. American media throughout the election did almost nothing at all to confront the outright lies, threats, and promotion of violence coming from the disgusting cretin, while wasting thousands of hours on Hillary’s emails. If they were doing their jobs correctly, every news outlet in America would have been discussing how unfit this man is, how irrational and unstable he is, how the opinions he has expressed are entirely anti-American and how he will not be able to deliver on his promises without dangerous and authoritarian actions.

A highly successful social media campaign. Anyone who has spent any considerable time on the Internet could see from the start that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of fake accounts posting the same inane bullshit and conspiracy theories every hour of every day. You could literally see them all liking and sharing each others posts, teaming up to derail discussions and debates, targeting journalists, campaigners, celebrities… Twitter and Facebook did nothing about this, and we could argue for days about whether it would have been right to. The real problem is that there was no response. Even though liberal-minded and rational conservatives could see that the discussion was being hijacked by orchestrated propaganda teams, no one thought to respond with their own.

I remember seeing Michelle Obama standing on stage and saying “When they go low, we go high”. I love the woman, but right then I wanted to tear my TV from the wall and throw it through the window at the sheer naivety. She can’t be blamed, this is a new world with new rules. She simply doesn’t yet understand that the theater of public opinion has changed since the last election. You can’t just “be nice” in the face of overwhelming violence.

The gutter slime was winning. Taking the “high road” is only ever good in battle if you’re using it to attack from above.

So, back to the resistance… how do you join? If you’ve read this far through my most boring post yet then you should consider yourself one of us already.

All you need to do is engage, be politically active, debate and argue for your fellow Americans at every opportunity. Hold a principled position. Boycott companies and people who facilitate this backward regime. Call and email your representatives every time he or his government does something that will damage Americans – not just when it scares you.

People keep posting a poem written by Pastor Martin Niemöller “First they came…”

THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,

and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

TEHN THEY CAME for the Jews,

and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,

and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,

and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.


and by that time no one was left to speak up.

It’s true. This happened. It’s not amateur dramatics and it’s not an extreme comparison. Those who think it’s over-the-top to make such comparisons clearly have little understanding of history or how easily those things came about. Our enemies enjoy that advantage.

Millions of people WON’T be standing up for their neighbors. Millions of people WILL think that because it doesn’t have an impact on them it’s not their place to fight back. Millions of people ARE entirely apathetic to the concerns and plights of their fellow citizens. A lot of people are entirely selfish and they won’t be on the street protesting until it’s them being attacked.

Perhaps even scarier, consider how many people now think anything they don’t like reading about or seeing on the news is “fake”. Trump doesn’t need to take control of the media like other despots have, they’ve spent the last year discrediting themselves.

In the end, it comes down to this sad truth – millions of people just don’t give a damn, until it’s THEM.

Don’t be one of those people. Be on the right side of history. Be on the side fighting for all Americans – not just the wealthy, not just the white, not just the Christian, not just the men, not just the heterosexuals, not just the 5th generation immigrant rather than the 1st.

You can start by joining the ACLU.

You can continue by staying engaged, speaking out, writing, Tweeting, explaining, proposing, considering, debating, creating, marching, singing, acting.

Pay attention to the news, because things are about to get messy, and complicated, and distracting. Rest assured that every time this long-joweled ignoramus wants to do something unsavory, there will be a Twitter tirade ready to go, ready to easily distract the worthless media who are far more interested in producing click-bait than whatever journalistic integrity they think they cling to.

Everyone has a place in the Resistance, use your strengths to fight back against everything this administration does to malign and attack your fellow Americans, always peacefully and always with absolute certainty that when this is over, these people will never hold power again.



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  1. FormerGOP

    Already a member of the ACLU.
    I’m a former Republican.
    I cannot support this party anymore. Its been hijacked by fanatics and lunatics and i really think this will be the last time they ever hold power. I believe in a strong military but not at the expense of the people. I believe in security on our borders but not at the expense of human decency. I believe in marriage for all and even though i am Christian i’m disgusted by how others of my faith abuse it to give themselves control over other people who just want to live happy lives in love with each other.
    This was a coup. Russia has more “little green men” in the form of Pepe and people who used to represent our party. The GOP had been stolen by far-right nationalists and foreign powers working together and i absolutely think we are done unless our agencies take action to secure our government against this.

    The Republic has fallen.


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