Careful what you wish for, Mr. Trump

Okay, I admit, I just really wanted to make a header graphic with Trump’s face and the word “FRAUD” emblazoned across it. It’s seemed more than a little appropriate for a while now.

No, this isn’t a post about how this man is an illegitimate leader (that post is surely going to come), this is a post about how the orange despot has suggested that he’s going to order an investigation into voter fraud.

You know, the voter fraud he first claimed meant that 3 million illegal votes were cast for Hillary, before doubling down on his nonsense by now claiming it’s 5 million.

This is despite the fact there’s no evidence of serious voter fraud, and after several Republican leaders also stated categorically that there is absolutely no evidence to support his claims.

Where did all this come from? It seems it all started with a random tweet by a man called Gregg Phillips, who you can see from the below image is about as mentally stable as a 9/11 “Truther” believing Lizard People created Holographic planes to hide the thermite explosions used to “detonate” the Twin Towers:

Needless to say, this mythical “legal action” is yet to be seen.

As we all know from Trump’s childishly bizarre rants about inauguration numbers, this is a man who doesn’t cope with truth very well. Perhaps it’s not too surprising that he accepts the unfounded opinions of a conspiracy theorist while refusing the reality all around him.

So, what can we expect to happen now?

I recommend paying close attention to how any “investigation” is handled. No, it probably won’t be a government department, unless he can be sure of having complete control over that department and managing the results of what they find.

When will people learn? This is not a president you are dealing with, this is a despot who is desperate to control the social conversation, and all information coming out of government, in an effort to favor him and his interests. This is an egomaniac who doesn’t even have the support of his own White House staff.

This is the American Kim Jong-un, only with worse hair and terrible makeup.

So on the subject of Trump voter fraud (yes, you read that right) let’s look at some cases for which there is actual evidence:

Terri Lynn Rote voted twice for Trump, claiming that the system is “rigged”.

Meet Terri Rote, an Iowa Trump supporter who voted twice, because she believed the “polls are rigged”. I suspect, looking at her pouty photo, the irony of her statement is entirely lost on her.

She wasn’t the only one:


Then there’s Phillip Cook, a 62-year-old Trump voter from Texas:


As these are the only actual instances of voter fraud recorded in the 2016 US election, it’s quite fair to assume that any real investigation is only likely to reveal the extent to which Trump supporters broke the law.

Could his call to have a thorough investigation actually result in the evidence we need to nullify his presidency and call for fresh elections? Is he really such an egomaniac that he’s willing to risk his own credibility further by exposing the criminality of his own voters?

Unfortunately, I doubt very much that any investigation he commissions will be seen as credible, especially if it goes against his propaganda.

Pay attention to any forthcoming “investigation”, it’s likely that whatever he instigates will be carefully manipulated to either create outright propaganda or create a false narrative of reality – Alternative Facts.

In reality, as found by PEW back in 2012, the myth is partly manufactured by the reality that there are several million REGISTERED voters for whom the information is incorrect. This is because people have either moved to a different state or passed away. This doesn’t mean that those voters are casting a ballot in more than one state, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we’re missing out on a previously unseen episode of the Walking Dead where zombies are crawling to the voting booth.

The registers are wrong for one simple reason – ineffectual management of those lists.

It will be interesting to see how this “investigation” progresses, but I’m willing to put money on there being no crediblity to this from the day it begins.

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