Dictator Alert Level Orange – Trump starts making bizarre demands

I should begin this post with a caution: it’s still not confirmed that the Rogue WH Snr Advisor Twitter account is genuine. Therefore, any content posted by them claiming to be factual should be taken with the biggest bucket of salt you can muster. Seriously, bathe in the stuff. Buy a salt mine.

Having said that, a part of me wants this batshit crazy to be real. Truly, the fact that we can be so unsure of the validity of such outlandish claims is damning enough. There isn’t much we wouldn’t put past the Orange Julius by this point and if these communications from within the White House are real it can only hasten the demise of the lunatic.

To be fair, all of these accounts could be operated by one bored housewife in Sweet Lips, Tennessee.

Yes, it’s a real place, and I want to visit.

Sweet Lips, Tennessee

As you might know since the “great purge” in US departments began (whereby agencies were being taken over and staff instructed to destroy data, remove content from websites, and various other peculiarly dictator-ish things) twitter accounts have sprung up in apparent defiance.

We’ve seen (allegedly) rogue accounts for all kinds of departments, from the numerous National Parks to the Deprtment of Labor to NASA. But some of the most interesting are by those who claim to be inside the White House.

I keep a slight side-eye on them while maintaining a healthy skepticism. I have yet to see any actual evidence provided by any of them to prove their position within the regime. It’s risky for them to attempt to prove their access, no doubt, but not as hard as some claim.

While it’s true that false information could be fed to various suspected leakers within the regime to identify who has been releasing information, it would also not be very hard at all for the leakers in question to compare their communications to those of their peers and confirm consistency. All these individuals need to do is take a photo of something which is about to be released as news, compare it to the message others have had, ensure there are no identifying marks, then release it. We will then see the news released and have confirmation that they are within the White House.

Well, we might have just been given the first half of that evidence yesterday, but its bizarre nature has left many scratching their heads.

The deranged POTUS has strict food bans

On the 17th of February, the Rogue WH Snr Advisor account published what appears to be a photo of an internal email on a screen, instructing all staff to refrain from bringing certain food items into the White House.

Trump food banI know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that this cannot possibly be real. But, if you’ve seen the utterly insane solo press conference he delivered two days ago, would anything really surprise you now?

Trump could call a press conference today and appear in a chicken costume while throwing elephant poo at the gathered press and we wouldn’t be that surprised.

And of course, the GOP would pretend it never happened.

As said, the fact that we can look at something like this and actually consider that it might not be a joke is damning enough. He’s just not credible, the WH isn’t credible, this entire regime has absolutely zero credibility with anyone who has even minimal intellect.

I did consider that a lot of the food items he has supposedly banned from the White House are orange. The rest are puzzling. Perhaps he’s been raiding the staff lunchboxes and finding things he doesn’t like?

Of course, it could be just as I mentioned, a slightly altered memo sent out to various staffers to reduce the pool of suspected leakers down to a more manageable pool for investigation. Can we give them that much credit? I think so. Bannon isn’t a complete moron, even if he is a screeching Nazi.

Any attempt like this would need to be noteworthy enough to justify leaking, but not so bad that it causes national outrage.

But wait, it gets even more bizarre.

Dictators love statues for revolutionaries to tear down

Within hours a second memo was allegedly sent out to senior White House staff.

We all know that any good revolution needs statues for the enraged masses to tear down and beat up, in the absence of the leader himself. While Trump, Bannon, Spicer, Miller and Conjob are running for a plane to Moscow, the people will be gathering around the Mar-a-Lago estate and the White House, they’ll need a few targets for their rage and a grotesque statue of the “Dear Leader” would make for a great photogenic focal point.

Trump commissions statues

Credibility is being stretched tighter than Trump’s diaper elastic, we have to admit this. But, if we do see the first signs of “oversized” statues being commissioned by Trump we will know for sure that this leakage is genuine.

I especially love Kellyanne Conjob’s input. She loves “Roden” (presumably referring to Auguste Rodin). Sadly, he was killed in the Bowling Green Massacre, so unless the evil regime has finally worked out how to raise the dead, it’s unlikely he will have any involvement in the process.

Interesting, too, that Stephen “Goebbels” Miller knows of a sculptor he could hit up for the gig. I’m sure, just like the many wholly unqualified people taking jobs for this administration, it won’t be too hard for the despot to locate a barely talented sculptor willing to sell their soul.

In fact, maybe they could aim for a decent effort and commission the anarchist collective Indecline? They produce remarkably lifelike works of the POTUS already.

Nude sculture of Trump
I’m sorry. I know you’re tempted to bleach your eyes but please don’t do it.

But wait, it can’t possibly get worse than the memos we’ve already seen, can it?

Trump’s equivalent of the Nazi salute

Oh, come on now! You have got to be kidding me. This cannot possibly be real.

Can it?

Again, you’re questioning whether it is, right? That’s enough to be worried. The mere fact that so many people would not at all be surprised by this is so beyond batshit scary I’m almost out of ways to frame this same statement.

Trump greeting 306

“Heil Hitler”. That’s really what we’re talking about here, right?

It’s not lost on many that this memo is riddled with inaccuracies. He didn’t actually win the “greatest victory” in the United States, not by a long shot. He certainly didn’t win the greatest political victory in the world.

He also didn’t win 306 Electoral College votes, he won 304. He also lost the popular vote by almost 3 million, in a country where opposition was deliberately divided by propaganda and outside sources, and where support was provided to him by a foreign government and their corrupt partners in the US.

It’s interesting that loyalty is again raised in this memo, something Kellyanne Conjob repeatedly referred to in her interview regarding the tenuous relationship between traitor Mike Flynn and Trump, repeatedly referring to the POTUS as being “incredibly loyal”. Is this added to a fake memo to lend it some credibility, or is this an indication that it’s actually true?

Again, at risk of repeating myself, the fact that we are all looking at these wildly outlandish internal communications and wondering whether they are true is terrifying enough. It almost doesn’t matter if they are real. Millions of people are looking at this man and wondering when he’s going to hit the Nuclear button, or if there’s anyone there to stop him when he reaches for it, or if the GOP will ever act to safeguard the country from someone who is very clearly deranged by one or another psychological problem.

Even if these communications are entirely false and intended to mock, the notion that they can be believed by so many as potentially genuine is indication enough that the US government is out of control and unable to be trusted by the American people.


  1. BritRemainer

    I’m watching this from the UK and increasingly worried.
    Why is it that the Republican party can’t seem to get their act together?
    If this were a Democrat they would all be lining up to impeach.
    This shows that either they are compromised too, or they’re so desperate to maintain control over the country they’re willing to entirely overlook the involvement of a foreign government.
    That says something. The Republicans need the help of a foreign government to wrestle control out of Democrat hands.
    I have long believed that the GOP was in desperate trouble because they refused to evolve, but rather than move on as a party they’ve handed control to Russia in return for their positions.
    This is sickening, and unless Trump is removed we’re going to see Putin riding headlong into Europe with Trump holding back and reneging on American commitment to NATO.

  2. MasterfulWeasel

    I was a Republican before this election. When I saw what this party had become and what they were supporting I became a Democrat.
    To be honest, I have long thought that this party was backward and so hypocritical.
    Seeing the pettiness of their religious fanaticism against Americans had me thinking about it for a long time.
    North Carolina was a tipping point for me last year. I didn’t do much then because I really didn’t think Trump would get the support of the GOP, but when he did that was absolutely the last straw.
    Now he’s there and destroying the country and now the GOP is basically protecting him and covering for all the disgusting things he’s doing I’m dedicating myself to campaigning for Democrats.
    I’m not a religious person the Republican party right now is the closest thing to evil I have seen in my lifetime in this country.
    I will do everything in my power to encourage others to support democracy, liberal ideal and the Democrats from now on.

  3. Anonymous

    Im an Iraq vet.
    I voted for Trump.
    I feel so ashamed. I fell for it and now I contributed to the destruction of my own country.
    Why didnt I see it?
    My daughter hated me for two months. Didnt see her at all after Trump won. She wouldnt even answer texts.
    Then I went on the Women’s march with her.
    She forgives me.
    Now im doing everything I can to make it right and protest every thing they do.
    These people are fascists Nazis. They’re supported by Russia and their job is to rob the country while doing Putins job for him and making us weak while he invades.
    I know other vets have woken up now and theyre working to fix things.
    God save America.

    1. admin Author

      Thank you for your service.
      Everyone makes mistakes but you recognize the one you made and you’re working to fix it.
      That’s a noble thing and it makes you a true Patriot.


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