Ohio Gov. John Kasich has an interesting metaphor to excuse his treason

I saw an interesting metaphor being used today, by none other than famed Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich. You can read the piece here at CNN.

In explaining why he’s getting behind Trump and supporting the fascist dictator’s actions, he offered the following explanation:

The man is the president of the United States, It’s sort of like being on an airplane; you want to root for the pilot. If you’re on the airplane with the pilot, you don’t want the pilot to screw up.

Naturally, I have a few suggestions for the development of this metaphor, for accuracy’s sake.

It’s sort of like being on an airplane, only terrorists have taken control of the cockpit and changed course for Washington DC. You don’t want them to get there so you fight back with everything you have in order to save lives.

It’s sort of like being on an airplane, only you’re flying through enemy airspace and you know a Russian-made BUK missile has locked on. Naturally, you grab the nearest parachute and run for the exit.

It’s sort of like being on an airplane, only the pilot is drunk and screaming about Lizard People and the New World Order coming to get him. You don’t want to die with the insane pilot so you take him out and hand control to the co-pilot.

It’s sort of like being on an airplane, only the CIA has intelligence that the pilot is a terrorist and they’ve scrambled F-16 jets to escort you out of the skies or shoot you down over water.

To put your little metaphor into an accurate frame, Mr. Kasich, if Republican party politicians are all merely passengers on this plane and Trump is in the pilot’s seat, what we’re seeing right now is another 9/11. The only differences this time are that the passengers are complicit and the potential death and destruction would be multiplied by the thousands.

Someone truly serving their country, someone truly standing up and being an American, would not be cheering on the terrorist. They wouldn’t even be sitting there quietly praying they don’t die, especially not while knowing they have all the means at their disposal to ground the flight safely before it slams into its target.

They would be getting off their ass, teaming up with other passengers, raiding the cockpit and taking out the terrorist before thousands die in the fireball on the ground.

Anything less than doing everything possible to stop this mad man is comparable to treason.

And you know what, Mr. Kasich? You and every other Republican politician pandering to this insanity will be remembered in history for doing so. Your legacy, for your kids and grandkids to read, in every history book written after whatever disaster has passed, will be that you did nothing while the President of the United States destroyed the country.

Worse, you made excuses for him while ignoring your responsibility to serve the American people.

Call for his impeachment, Mr. Kasich. You know in your heart that he is not capable, you know that he’s not psychologically sound, you know that he’s causing incredible damage to the United States of America. You have the opportunity to be remembered in history as a man who served his country rather than the nihilism of a power-mad Republican party.

Do the right thing.

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