New reports show link – Flynn – Kremlin – Honeytrap – UK

Could it be? Could the most brazen enemy infiltration of a Western government really have started with a traditional honeytrap?

The Wall Street Journal broke the news today that in 2014 Mike Flynn (Former National Security Advisor under Trump) had a previously undisclosed “interaction” with a dual British-Russian national named Svetlana Lokhova while attending the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar.

Flynn was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the time, and his suggested “interaction” with this interesting individual was never volunteered by him. This was, according to reports, only discovered later through investigation.

While there’s no real requirement for such meetings and associations to be reported for the record, it is unusual for a man of his position to not report such an obviously intriguing interaction.

It’s kind of like sleeping with someone at work. It might not technically be required that you tell your boss when you start boinking your PA, but they are gonna be seriously pissed about it if your partner of ten years appears in the foyer one morning to dump your shredded clothing all over the visiting Chinese delegation while screaming your indiscretions to all in earshot.

Notable question to ask right here – which investigation uncovered this “interaction”?

The nature of the “interaction” (okay, I’ll stop using quotes on that now) between Flynn and Lokhova is disputed by various individuals, but I think it’s probably safe to suggest that they didn’t just exchange Okroshka recipes. Why would this interaction be notable for reporting if it were genuinely innocent?

But wait, there’s more on the Cambridge front!

In December 2016 several notable names associated with the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar cut ties abruptly while claiming there was an orchestrated campaign by Russian intelligence to infiltrate the event.

It’s important to note that this came to light in December of 2016, two years after it is now revealed that Flynn had a noteworthy interaction with a British-Russian citizen at that same event.

The Financial Times reported in December last year:

Sir Richard Dearlove, the ex-chief of the Secret Intelligence Service and former master of Pembroke college, Stefan Halper, a senior foreign policy adviser at the White House to presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, and Peter Martland, a leading espionage historian, have resigned as conveners of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar — an academic forum for former practitioners and current researchers of western spycraft — because of concerns over what they fear could be a Kremlin-backed operation to compromise the group.

I am no intelligence geek. The terminology and acronyms often used by people like Louise Mensch, John Schindler and Malcolm Nance regularly send me shamelessly Googling. It doesn’t help that I seem to have the memory and attention span of a manic-depressive Goldfish. However, I feel confident that I can make some pertinent observations based on the information now available to us.

The nature of the interaction between Flynn and Lokhova is disputed by several people familiar with the meeting. Flynn’s spokesperson says Lokhova was inconsequential and nothing untoward happened, but then they would say that, right?. Another states that she was the only Russian-speaking person present and another that she and Flynn quickly formed a relationship, one close enough that he invited her to be a translator for him on a future Russian visit (which ultimately never happened). There is another suggestion that they maintained contact by email after their initial meeting.

Oops, those dreaded emails again.

Given that Flynn has openly lied on record, leading to his dismissal (or resignation, depending on who you believe and at which time), given that he’s actively hidden numerous other details of his payments from Russians over the course of the last few years, and given that he hid the fact he was a paid agent of the Turkish government while being appointed to Trump’s government, I think it’s not unreasonable to dismiss whatever claims he now makes about his interaction with this woman.

Frankly, Flynn now has all the credibility of someone being chased down the street by a camera crew for the Cheaters TV show, claiming he wasn’t having an affair with the woman he was just filmed making out with.

Clearly, she was not simply one of a number of people he met as some seem to want to suggest. I don’t know what kind of American Intelligence director would meet the only Russian national at an Intelligence event, invite her to be a translator for him on a future trip to Russia, sit beside him at dinner, bond over erotic postcards Joseph Stalin sent to a young woman in 1912, then not report meeting her as he is expected to do. And all while maintaining it was entirely innocent.

The fact that this revelation has been published today is perhaps also quite revealing. It is not made clear when this meeting came to light, but if this had been discovered during Obama’s presidency it seems unfathomable that Flynn would have been kept in that role. This suggests that the information is fresh, which suggests any investigation into Flynn is ongoing, and reaching back as far as 2014, or perhaps further.

The abandonment of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar by notable (former) members of the UK and US Intelligence community in December last year supports the theory that this revelation is new. Could Dearlove, Halper, Martland and others have learned of the suggested infiltration of the seminar by Russian agents as a result of the investigation into Flynn and his association with Lokhova? It’s very interesting coincidental timing if not.

I’ve seen it being suggested that the involvement of Putin in the election of Trump is the biggest political scandal in the history of politics. I’ve read the assertion by several people more connected than any of us mere spooky observers that Flynn (and other similar suspicious connections to the Kremlin) are just the obvious thread poking out of an ugly Christmas sweater, and that when this thread is pulled an even more grotesque scandal of infiltration and collusion reaching deep into the UK and US states will begin to unravel before our eyes.

Given the pace of the ongoing investigation in the US, and given the many hundreds of connections I have seen people making in the public domain, with publicly available information,  I have to say that it’s becoming increasingly likely that Putin assisting in the election of Trump is only the tip of a gigantic iceberg.

If we can see so many incredible connections simply by doing a little digging into the freely available information published on the Internet (supported by various sources and proven to be accurate in almost every instance) we can only imagine how much more information our intelligence agencies are currently collating to build their case.

It’s very likely that this iceberg will not be fully revealed to the world for quite some time, but I feel we’re about to see some incredibly dramatic events unfolding. If this is as big and as sinister as some are now thinking, we’re likely to see a large-scale rounding-up of those suspected of involvement in this plot, and that is going to be worldwide news likely affecting several countries simultaneously.

Things are about to get real, y’all.

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