What’s this? The FBI raiding a Conservative Campaign company?

Twitter was buzzing with updates from some of the best people yesterday. Of course, anyone who is following what’s been going on would be a dedicated fan of @LouiseMensch, @20committee and @TrueFactsStated.

Is it over-the-top to already be picturing them accepting awards for their efforts?

They’re three in a handful of amazing people who keep giving us exclusive information before anyone in the press gets a handle on it. They’re responsible for me losing a client last week, because I missed a deadline constantly F5-ing their feeds.

It’s okay, it was a rubbish client anyway.

They’ve been consistently proven right time and time again. While mainstream journos are still fumbling with sources they can’t seem to confirm and releasing articles a week late, these three stars of Twitter have been on it like Sonic.

It all began yesterday with @TrueFactsStated giving us this glorious Tweet, immediately making thousands of people wet themselves just a little in anticipation:

Within hours of suggesting this, an FBI raid took place at Strategic Campaign Group offices in Annapolis, Maryland.

No, I’d never heard of them either, but it seems we should know a little more about them, given the links they seem to have to some extremely suspicious people and organisations.

I’m not going to go into it all here, but I will recommend that you go and take a quick look at the tasty information on Dennis Whitfield.

But hey, they’re Republicans, we should expect them to have dodgy deals going on, right?

The President of the firm, Kelley Rogers, claimed in a statement to the Baltimore Sun that this raid relates to an FBI investigation dating back to 2013. This is extremely suspect.

No, in fact, I would go further than that and say this is bullsh*t.

There’s no hint of any ongoing case from that date into this company. The civil suit brought by Republican Ken Cuccinelli in 2013 was settled and related to claims of misuse of his image and false advertising after he lost to Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

The offices were not raided then, nor would such a case usually result in such action.

Protip for the Trumpers who desperately want it to be related to that: the FBI doesn’t raid offices of political entities in civil suits. They especially don’t in civil cases that are four-years-old, after they’ve been settled for a (reported) maximum of $85,000 when the case was supposedly for more than $2m.

They really, really wouldn’t be raiding a Republican-linked campaign company office while the whole world is watching them and while the massive investigation into Trump and his Russian ties is going on.

This would be like watching your house burning down while you dig weeds out of your driveway, and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Get this through your desperately thick skulls Trumpers… it would have to be much bigger than you want to believe for them to show up there, at any time, let alone now, and with a convoy of cars, a warrant and a full day of searching, before leaving with boxes, bags and computers.

The FBI confirmed this operation was being run out of the Washington D.C. field office, adding greater credibility to the reasonable belief that this is directly related to Russia/Trump.

If you need any further explanation of this, you only need look at the remit of the FBI itself to understand that they would not be raiding this company over a settled four-year-old civil suit:

The FBI has divided its investigations into a number of programs, such as domestic and international terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, cyber crime, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime/drugs, white-collar crime, violent crimes and major offenders, and applicant matters.

Source: FBI.GOV

Exactly where does the FBI involve itself in the raiding of political campaign company offices over a minor $85k civil suit settled and closed four years earlier? It doesn’t, because this cannot be about that case.

The President of the company is clearly mishandling the truth to attempt to save face, knowing that the FBI cannot publicly comment on the real reasons for this raid. And perhaps with good reason, Twitter accounts have already started digging and found connections between his company and Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Trump businesses.

Giving more cause to pop champaign corks was this Tweet from leading light of the public Trump Treason investigation Claude Taylor, who, I remind you, has been consistently correct throughout:

(EDVA – The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia)

So, we have people who we can describe as credible saying that indictments and arrests are coming, who then Tweets that agents and investigators are on the move to take action, right before the public discovers that a conservative campaign company with ties to people under active investigation for collusion between Russia and Trump is being raided by the FBI.

What happens now?

I would venture a guess that we will see more raids taking place around the country today, and potentially the start of arrests of those involved in this scandal.

You should realise that there might have been arrests already. We don’t know of everyone involved in this scandal, it could very well be that offices and homes are currently being searched and individuals arrested, it’s just we have no idea they are involved.

While this is continuing, we’re likely to see more Republicans finally admitting that something untoward is indeed happening. Expect to see Republicans being extremely tight-lipped about events as they unfold, being coy about their decisions, meeting behind closed doors and attempting to avoid the cameras.

Some have been compromised, it’s important to remember this. I would like it on record that I’ve stated several times I believe at least 20 Republican politicians will be caught up in this treason scandal. The list will likely include Jason Chaffetz, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Devin Nunes and possibly John Cornyn, to name a few.

How have they been caught up? Quite simply they were caught out in Kompromat gathered after the hacking of the Republican National Committee systems, they were recorded making deals, taking instructions, attempting to subvert justice…

Remember, Russia hacked both Republicans and Democrats. They released information publicly to attack the Democrats, but they didn’t release the hacked information from Republicans.

Why was that?

It’s because they use their hacked information for propaganda and blackmail. They release damaging information to publicly smear one party, then use hacked information to control the other.

Make no mistake about it, the Republican party has ALWAYS been dirtier than the Democrats. They have ALWAYS been caught in public bathrooms propositioning others, caught in hotel rooms with minors, caught having affairs, caught using illegal substances, caught taking money from people they shouldn’t, caught suppressing voters, caught using propaganda against their opponents…

No political party is clean, but the Republican party is so deep in sh*t I’m surprised Putin didn’t call a national holiday minutes after looking through what he had on them.

Ultimately, it feels as though we’re now only days away from this nightmare starting to come to a close. It’s increasingly likely that we’ll see Republicans reluctantly impeaching Trump.

Stay tuned, and watch those accounts on Twitter. They know what they’re talking about and they’ve been ahead of just about everyone, with leading lights of truth and justice Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow backing them up and repeating their observations with their own credible sources.

Finally, remember that when the Watergate scandal came to an end more than 40 people were indicted or imprisoned.

This scandal is humongous. It’s far bigger than a poxy break in and the attempt to cover it up. This is about treason, committed by the man now sitting in the most powerful office in the world, after being put there by his own treasonous party, who are themselves compromised by Americas biggest foe.

If 40 people were caught up by the end of Watergate, how many do you think are going to go to prison for attempting to hand the country over to a foreign enemy, in exchange for cash and power?

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