This isn’t Watergate, stop comparing the two

I see it a lot. People keep saying things like “Watergate took years to deal with”.

Yeah, it did, but Watergate was in the 1970’s, and it was about President Nixon trying to cover up a burglary.

Comparing Trump/Russia to Watergate is like comparing the crimes of a serial killer over the course of two decades to helping yourself to a roommate’s cookies at 3 am on a drunken return home.

And cookies is not a euphemism, just to clarify.

In case you hadn’t noticed, #TrumpRussia is about conspiring with an enemy to influence an election and seize control of the US government, the prospect of a Russian asset of influence running the free world, and the implication that a large contingent of senior government insiders may also be compromised.

Watergate was a gnat’s fart in a hurricane by comparison.

This was an attempted coup, aided and abetted by the Republican party.

Because of the severity of the crimes suspected in this case, and the possibility of even greater crimes to come if Trump and the GOP are permitted to maintain control of the country, it’s entirely reasonable to believe that this will be dealt with by those behind the scenes as a matter of national security.

If America were attacked militarily by an enemy tomorrow you would not expect the US to ponder this for two years, gathering information, digging up sources, analysing data, holding hearings, before finally declaring a state of war and fighting back. You should not expect that this is being taken any less seriously.

Watergate experienced obstacles because there was very little political will to remove Nixon, even from people who didn’t like him very much. He was not a threat to the country, and his removal was plausibly a greater threat because of the risk to stability.

Nixon was like mom and dad on the verge of breaking up but spending a couple of years trying to work through it for the sake of the kids.

Trump is like a masked criminal breaking into the house in the middle of the night and holding the family hostage at gunpoint.

There is no marriage counsellor attempting to analyze their way to a resolution, there’s an army of cop cars outside with a hundred armed officers aiming their weapons at the front door, the neighbors moved out and listening devices slipped into the drywall, a special operations team donning night-vision goggles two blocks away ready to make their move while a chopper hovers overhead with infrared cameras monitoring the positions of everyone inside.

Unlike Nixon, Trump threatens the country every day he remains in the White House. His policies are directly threatening the security of the nation and the safety of the people – including the hundreds of thousands of people across all agencies. They don’t trust him any more than the single mom in liberal New York working two jobs and battling breast cancer does.

Even if we ignored all the damage he and the Republican party are trying to do to the nation, he is a traitor. There is nothing the people in the FBI, CIA, DHS, DOJ and (insert your acronym here) loathe more than a traitor. These people are patriots, most have spent their entire working career in government, with the sole aim to serve the people and the nation the best way they know how.

So, this is not about a president lying, covering up a crime. This is about treason against the United States and the compromising of the highest office in the world by an enemy government. It’s about a man so devoid of any national pride or allegiance he would sell Florida to Russia tomorrow for a 5% cut of the deal.

In fact, given the severity of the situation, you should only be surprised that a clandestine special-ops team hasn’t dragged him from the White House with a bag over his head at 4 am on a Sunday morning.

There are reasons he hasn’t been removed by force already – primarily national unity, security and stability, but also because they are still gathering intel on this administration while limiting his capability to do any real damage.

We’ve heard reports of intelligence gathered by partners around the world in recent months, intercepted communications between the Trump government and their Russian friends discussing how to stop the investigations. This is an ongoing crime against the United States, it’s the number-one priority for various agencies. This is the biggest threat to the nation since 9/11 and you can bet they are treating this as being just as severe.

Haven’t you noticed that with all his bluster and all the craziness of this government, very little of anything has been achieved by him and his GOP?

There are reasons why he’s been unable to do anything of real note. It’s because well-placed people in the government are stymying everything he does, likely under instruction. He calls this the “deep state”, but really it’s just the system formed quickly to stop this traitor from doing any lasting damage.

Everything he has done can be undone tomorrow by the man or woman to take over. Their job, for however long his successor is there (likely to be Orrin Hatch), is not going to be to move the nation in any direction politically and enact all kinds of nefarious bills in the way the GOP would like. Their job is going to be to restore and maintain government while the investigation and criminal charges are dealt with. Their job will be to repair the damage Trump has already managed to do, then sit on their hands while the people demand a new election.

Remember the press about Trump signing a “Religious Freedom” Executive Order with a member of the American “Christian” Taliban over his shoulder? People panicked about that until the ACLU looked at it and discovered that the EO he signed was bullsh*t and didn’t actually do anything. It was fake, just as fake as all the gold-colored crap and fake marble he plasters all over his interiors.

He might be in the most powerful office in the world, but his power is so limited the most he can do is bluff his way through bullsh*t speeches and photo-ops.

President Hatch will be in a similar position, only able to act in the best interests of the people, restoring faith in government until the next election.

Trump couldn’t declare war tomorrow. He can’t launch a nuclear weapon. He can’t even staff departments effectively thanks to the quickly built system of obstacles deliberately placed to prevent him from acting under Putin’s control.

thanks obama

So, to clarify, why is this nothing like Watergate?

Let’s get into some of the specific reasons why you should stop looking at Watergate as some kind of benchmark for what’s going to happen here:

  1. Watergate happened in the 70’s, long before email and the Internet left long trails of evidence of communications, able to be intercepted and monitored not only by the US but by partners in the Five Eyes group.
  2. Watergate was a domestic issue, allies were not listening to Nixon making deals over the phone with Russians, knowing what the security implications for them would be.
  3. Watergate did not pose a direct national-security threat to the United States, the UK, and all other allies throughout the West. You can bet your ass every democratic government on Earth has an interest in seeing Trump removed.
  4. Watergate was ignored by the mainstream media for a long time before they finally woke up and realised that the reporting by the Washington Post was real. #TrumpRussia is already global news thanks to the mounting evidence we’re seeing every day.
  5. Watergate relied almost entirely on one leaker – Deep Throat. In this instance, there are hundreds of individuals throughout all levels of government gathering and leaking information to the press and leading figures such as @LouiseMensch, @TrueFactsStated and @20committee. Some of this is very tactical, scare those involved, turn people over.
  6. Watergate didn’t implicate an entire political party. From the evidence now publicly available and the behavior of many in the Republican party, it’s reasonable to believe that many of them will be directly implicated and face charges.

Really, the only solid comparison between Trump and Nixon is that they will both be leaving office in shame after betraying the trust of the American people, that is where the similarities end.

This case will move at lightening speed (in comparison) because allowing an agent of Russian influence to be in the White House at all, let alone in the office of President, exposes the country and allies to unfathomable risks.

In any normal time in American history, even discovering a White House aid has such “coincidental” ties to the Russian state would lead to scandal, miles of press inches, hours of TV analysis and heads rolling. Now imagine that times a thousand.

Rest assured, he no longer has access to vital secrets. His appointees are being watched like hawks. His entire team are likely under 24-hour surveillance. This investigation will continue for years to come, but his removal from office is going to be done as quickly as possible after a watertight case is delivered to secure impeachment.

The priority is to return the country to stability and start to restore American standing around the world by proving we got this.

Once Trump is removed, legally, we’re going to see the biggest clean-up operation you have ever witnessed.

The investigations, the hearings, the trials, the public speeches and statements, the shutting down of cash flows, the seizing of property, the collapse of the Republican party, the drama of state-level politics, the thousands of previously unknown people revealed as key members of an ongoing plot… all of this is going to play out on your TV for years to come.

It’s incredibly ironic that Trump, a man obsessed with ratings, is going to go out giving us the biggest courtroom reality TV the world has ever seen.

Believe me, the ratings for this process are going to be YUGE! BIGLY YUGE!

You can expect Maddow to become a leading name in this, along with Keith Olbermann, and hopefully leading Twitter folks already mentioned above.

With all due respect, these five people (and a handful of others) should rightly have their pick to replace any one of the many failed reporters and talking heads on any one of the major networks. If CNN, MSNBC, and any other network had a clue, they would already be hitting these folks up for exclusive contracts to cover the drama to come.

I enjoy Morning Joe, but Joe and Mika were so late to this party they deserve to be replaced by a morning show duo who actually have the cojones to tell it like it is without wasting their time trying to make excuses for their corrupt buddies in the corridors of power.

If you thought the OJ trial captured the attention of the American people, just wait until you see this massive scandal unravelling for years with week after week of stunning revelations.

And you can rest assured, this is all going to happen while we see Conservatives losing their hold on government, perhaps permanently.

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